Krinisty Art

Create an Angel!  By Krinisty.

So this is exactly what the title says it is. Over the years I've collected angels for my mother (she's my angel) And she has so many of them one year I thought, maybe I'll do something different.. Maybe I'll paint one for her.. So this is what I've come up with.
Soon after doing the first one for my mother, some of her friends wanted them as well, but were asking for different colors. It was so much fun creating all these beautiful angels for people in different mediums with different hair, holding different things, all in different colors that I decided to dedicate a page for them, so that YOU would have the option to create your own angel for the person you love!

If anything here interests you, or you have something in mind, please contact me via email (contact Krinisty tab) and I'll be more than happy to do a customized Angel for you :)