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So another Bday gone! Jan 11th! Not so bad! I still feel like I'm 19! However I'm now 30!! It's funny because I'm at the age where other younger people are like OMG 30!!!! But I feel like telling them, but.. but... I am really only 22 or something.. mentally that is! At what age do you know you've grown up? It's not like I have kids, or a career for that matter.. so maybe that's what I'm lacking! Lacking for the LACK of a better word... some people wouldn't say I was lacking anything! Most people my age say I still have freedom! NEWS FLASH !!! What freedom? Will live in a world with endless rules! There is only spiritual freedom that can only be achieved when meditating or.. perhaps you're Buddha? Anyway! I want kids I just haven't been able to have any yet... Might be a sign that I shouldn't have them right now.. I need to stop wanting so many things! Needing constant changes in my life doesn't help my current at home situation ! HAHA! What a rant that was!

 Turning 30 if I had to think about it for a minute... is rather scary! We're not supposed to be afraid of death! Actually with the thought of sticking around on this earth with all these crazy things happening to birds and fish.. Eeeeks! It helps make death not so scary! LOL So Happy Birthday to me, it was a Tuesday birthday, I seem to find them sad and lonely feeling.. I still haven't gotten rid of the sad/lonely feeling..  hee hee.. it's kinda comforting to be honest.. It's nice to just be sad for a while! : ) My two best friends Jary and Wanda are taking me out tomorrow to celebrate, it's going to be wonderful! : ) I'll leave you with a sad January song! It fits my mood perfectly! : ) Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! God Bless you all and have a very Healthy Wealthy and Successful New Years!!!! xo xo xo  : )
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December! It's a beautiful month. I'm having Font issues here! lol awe that's better! I've read a book by Julia Cameron that just surpassed any of my expectations! It's guided me through a weird little spot in my life! Wow What a book, if you're into Art at all, this is the book for you! And not just painting/drawing.. It's for writers! Musicians! Actors! And for anyone who would like to have a few of their own unexplainable emotions brought to light! For me I think so much about the paintings I want to do, but I have this overbearing fear of not being able to do it as I have done it in my head! I don't allow myself to just do it and accept the outcome for what it is! Anthony Robbins says that we shouldn't give up! There are no failures, just outcomes! It may not be what we intended it to be, but it is what it is... Julia Cameron says that we need to do it if it's not what we wanted, it was an attempt! It's better to have done it than to have let our own fear stop us from doing anything at all!

I Literally Can spend weeks doing nothing but thinking about art! Thinking about how I should be doing something, but there may be a project that someone ordered from me that is making me fear everything. It's true I have one right now that I fear doing. It's definitely a project that will put me on a new level in my art. And I need to gather the courage up to just do it! No matter the outcome! And because of this one piece of art that I'm afraid of, I'm letting four other pieces sit on the sidelines. The only thing I even want to do right now is something of my own emotion.. but even then it would probably be a bi-product of background fear! Knowing it's Christmas time and I have 6 paintings to do in a few days doesn't allow me to have free flowing ideas. So the only thing I know how to do right now, is get the courage up to start one! Once that is started, the rest should flow nicely I'm hoping! :) So if any thing you read here is anything in the way you feel, you NEED to buy Julia Camerons book called "The Artists Way" I will link her website for you all :) Soooo Peace and LOVE and Gratitude!!! Do something nice for someone today!!! See how it makes you feel!  : )
So the fall is here in beautiful Nova Scotia! I absolutely love the fall! The leaves are gorgeous, the pictures to be taken are breathtaking! I've joined a new site online called ToonPool 

It's such a great site! Immediately received a warm welcome from other artists! And I feel I've known them for such a long time! They're very amazing people! here are the links to two Artists in particular. They're wonderful people!

You'll see that Alex works with his hands quite a bit, he's a piano player, he Sculpts and does other amazing forms of art as well :)! Ricco is a traveller, his pictures are incredible! It would be so nice to have been as many places as he!
So I'm going to leave you all with that, I have a brand new video card here so I plan on playing around with that this weekend!

Much love!
Denise ; )  :) xo xo

So I was reading my last post about getting married it's amazing how we can change our minds so quickly about things! I DID wear a dress, it was something I quickly picked out of a sears book LOL I wish I could say I was joking, but I'm not!! I just didn't see the need to go all fancy and spend time picking out a dress that I'm wearing for one day. I'm glad in the end that I did wear a dress, it did make me feel like a bride, and I feel SO much better now, I absolutely LOVE married life! It's pretty astonishing how different I feel! We've been together 10 years and never once did I think I'd feel different, but I most certainly do!

Ok so the headline says, " Fall is my favorite time of year! "  of course it is! It's a time for re-birth and new beginnings! I feel most creative during this time of year, maybe some of you do as well! I'm really excited about a project I've been working on for a little while now. I'm writing a book that hopefully will some day help Cancer patients! The ideas behind the book can also be applied to anyone with a serious illness. I'm praying each day that I'm given the knowledge and love to write this. I hope that it will help people, if it was to only help one person, then I'd be extremely satisfied!

I'm grateful everyday for the chance to create with love and passion! And I feel grateful for my husband who supports me through all of this, it does make a difference to have a like minded soul mate saying the right things and taking the time out of their precious lives to give you a boost, I hope everyone has the same if they so desire it! <3

That's my rant for today, I'm grateful for any and all of you who take the time to enjoy or read this!

Love and much Peace!
Denise JOYCE!  ( my new last name is quite similar to my old! (Boyce-Joyce!) hee hee!
So it's been a while since I last posted anything! The ideas for art keep coming. I recently had a friend pass away, he was an artist who really connected with me. He really made me think about originality and my own style! he had a style that was unforgettable! It's a shame we lost him at such a young age. But for some reason, he seemed too good for the mortal earth life. He was positive energy in a pure form! I had amazing conversations with him, and only knew him for maybe a little more than half a year. I will think of him often and the lessons he taught me. Gary Alvin Clemons Jr.! What a great guy! I'm blessed that I knew him for the time that I did!

So August 14th my hubby and I are finally going to tie the knot! Yuppers.. Denny, me, Den-a-Doo, ms. I won't get married.. is getting married! He's too special not to marry... I know we're meant for one another, how can we not be! Of course we have our downs... who doesn't? And how would we know what our ups were if we didn't have our downs?

when you think of the little things that people or couples argue about they really make no sense.. Why do we feel that someone has to be right? Why can't you walk away and not have to be right! Why can't we just realize that we all see things in a different way? And why can't we just learn to zig and zag when we aren't matching up on a certain day?

We don't always have to know what we're doing is right, do we ever really know that it's right? We're driven to do what we do for a reason. We need to learn how to make a decision and stick with it. Just let it happen and don't worry!

Sounds like I'm trying to convince myself that getting married is the right thing to do :) Truth is, i've never been good at making decisions, I sometimes let people make them for me. But then why would I let another being push me down a path?  Why can't I be an individual and make my own path :) At least when I'm looking back at it, no matter if it's bad or good I can say " It's Mine!"

So here is to embracing the decision to get married! Here is to enjoying a ceremony ritual that has been around forever! But I will tell you one thing, I won't be wearing a dress! (not that I have anything against dresses!) I love the beauty of a Bride! and the beauty of the wedding dress! it's just not for me.. I want to get married because there is no other being out there that i'd rather spend my life with :)

anyway! I thought I'd just pop in and say a few words! LONG LIVE LOVE! hee hee heee

Love always,
Den a doodle! hee hee
So It's the new year and I'm looking forward to new creations! I'm now the big 29! Isn't that lovely! The age when a woman stops aging! :) 29 for life!

 I've recently started going to an oil painting class in Sydney Nova Scotia. It seems to be great so far! As long as I learn something I'll be happy! There are a great bunch of people in the class so it's very nice! We meet every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm.

Today around 1pm I'm going to get a Tattoo! That's pretty exciting for me. It's going to be a Gratitude Symbol on my wrist! I love Art and most definitely body art! Although I'm not the type of person to have more than one or two tattoo's I respect those who are! Today is going to be very special also! It'll be in a tattoo parlor ran by my old friend, however the guy who's doing it is apprenticing. And he happens to be the singer in my Fiances band. Also a very good friend! I'm more than willing to lend myself to the cause! I'll post a pic when it's done!

I've been spending a lot of time with one of my friends and let me say, she keeps me real! I find I'm sooooo myself when we're together! If you can find that sort of thing with another person, embrace it! It doesn't matter what's wrong in our lives when we're together it's a constant laugh fest! I'm lucky to have her in my life! But that's all for now because I just finished one of those angels and now I've gotten so much love towards it that I have to do TWO more! Keep em comin'!! h ee hee

God Bless this world! We don't know how lucky we've got it!
If you're reading this blog, please remember to be kind to the people around you and most importantly be kind to yourself!! Oh and make sure you smile throughout the day..Help a stranger even if it's with a smile! Things come in full circle!!!

My favorite thing to do.. Is buy myself that one thing in the store that I REALLY WANT!! I mean I get gratitude just out of buying it for myself.. Then when you have it... think of someone who you LOVE.. even someone you don't know that well.. And give it to them!!!!! It's an act of pure unselfishness! And you'll be surprised how you feel afterwards!!! <3

Thanks so much for reading! Take care.
Much love always!!!
Den :)
So I just wanted to pay tribute to November! It's been beautiful, and has brought me much closer with my parents! We've always been close, but work has really taken over our lives!

I've painted quite a bit this month and have learned so many lessons! What a productive month! The weather has been outstanding. I'm grateful for everything that has happened.

Hopefully I'll be getting some more art up on the site, some more of the many drawings I haven't posted, and some more scenes/ random paintings :)

I wish everyone a great day or night, and much love! Be kind to the people you meet, smile and be helpful! Do something nice for someone and maybe they'll pass along the love! It's very important this day in age that we all show one another some human compassion and caring! We all want it! We all deserve it!

Love always!
Denise :)
LOVE!!! 11/17/2009
Hello everyone! Today I want to just bring you all up to speed on what has been happening with me lately. I battled through the h1n1 flu (swine flu) It probably was the worst I've ever felt. Which is pretty great if getting the flu is the worst that has happened to me :) I'm very grateful I'm over it! I'm slowly losing the cough and getting my voice back.. S L O W L Y! hee hee

My parents house caught on fire Nov.12th EVERYONE is safe, and that's the main thing. Infact I'm grateful it happened. It was the fireplace that caught on fire, so It could have been at night! So thank god! They are staying with my Fiance and me until they find a new place! And I'm grateful for this, as we've all been so busy working that we haven't spent anytime together over the last year!

In times like this, you really feel the love and compassion that is inside of us! Most people are so busy these days working, that they lose touch of themselves! They lose touch with their inner most feelings!

I did manage to do a painting, I was a little distracted and it didn't come out the way I was hoping, but I'm sure I'll pick up soon. I did manage to watch at least 12 hours of painting shows over the two weeks I was sick :) And I've actually learned a lot in the last while about painting! I have a few projects a head of me this week, I'll get to them after we move my parents stuff in storage :)

So yes I've been pretty pre-occupied. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I also hope if you're reading this that you pass along a hug or smile, or help someone that you meet or already know! Do it without expecting something back. Maybe they'll pass along your love to someone else who needs it! Show someone you care! Show some human compassion! Don't hide these feelings inside, they are meant to be shared among everyone you see! Smile and reach out to someone! Pass along the love!

So I'm a little tired, getting over this flu and moving a house seems to be taking a little bit out of me, but I know I have the strength to get the job done! I love my parents with all my heart and I'll be praying that they are abundant in the coming future, I'll be praying they are safe and surrounded by love always!

So Much love to you all!
Denise :) xo xo xo xo xo
Today I've been feeling a little emotional. Actually that would be an understatement. The inside of my head looks like an emotional Roller Coaster. I haven't been able to create lately, well the last three or 4 days when I need to create the most! I have a sense of emptiness, like the being within me has disappeared.

  And I haven’t done anything to figure it out. I haven’t sat down to watch a seminar, or read a book. I’ve simply done nothing. I’m even feeling pressure from just being in the house so much. I get the feeling of “I should be doing this… I should be doing that”. Why can’t I leave myself alone?

  Yesterday I went for a run/walk. Before I finish what I’m about to say you should know that I USED to be in great shape! I ran twice a day 200 sit-ups a day and at least 300 reps on weights. I was also in the Military as a Medic. Since then I drove 18 wheeler long haul, got myself totally OUT of shape, became lazy and gained a bit of weight. So yesterday being my first day back exercising was tough to say the least! I ran down to the lake behind my house and up the road a bit (I’m usually no fool when it comes to fitness) but yesterday I was. It was funny actually, on the way back home, I got sick, once home I was sick (yep vomiting!) for about 30 minutes.

  Today I drove to Sydney Mines to walk with an old friend who knew me when I was in better shape. He and I enjoyed 4 miles of walking NOT running bliss! Leaving the track with a smile I came home and ran a very hot bath to sooth my muscles hoping the membrane between my tibia and fibula is slowing repairing itself! At least it’s not the worst case of shin splints I’ve ever had. I mean only 4 miles! Come on Body!!! I CAN DO IT!

  So I've done no art lately. And tomorrow there is a concert in Halifax I’m supposed to be going to. Again a little pressure I’m feeling since I really don’t want to go. I’ve tried to give away my ticket and no luck so far. Someone pray that in the next 12 hours someone wants to see GWAR and Lamb of God! Lol It’s not that I don’t want to see these guys; it’s just that I really don’t feel like going. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

  So that’s my post as I am lying so comfy on my couch of coziness! Everyone who’s been here has fallen trap to this comfy couch lol. I have the shade to my big picture window somewhat up so I can see the dark sky and magnificent moon. This time of year is my favorite for sure! The crisp clean air! I love the beautiful colors, smells of the leaves and the amazing changing of seasons. Our earth is wonderful!

  You know what, I feel better already! Thank you! <3 Much Love as Always!
4TH Post :) 10/18/2009
So this today I think I want to start by saying.. Isn't it amazing how each one of us can influence another person so much! I mean some not so  much, but for myself I think everyone is coming into my existence for a reason, I'm obviously attracting these people into my experience everyday, and maybe I'm not sure why right now ( the subconscious may have it's own plans) but soon enough it'll come to me. You may have heard the saying that goes something like this.. " be-careful who you step on to go up the ladder?" I think it went something like that.. But the point is, they are in your present experience for something! You've devised a plan to know this person to maybe learn from them, or take something from them no matter how big or small the deal.

And we're influenced by other people greatly, Imagine the kids in elementary and how much they are effected when another kid bully's them, or how about the unsure person, the shy person, one word from another person could effect them in many ways.

What I think is that we should try to be as pleasant to these people as possible, to everybody! Try to leave them with a pleasant feeling. It's a gift we all want to receive!! We all know that when we speak to people we want them to be nice to us, we want them to understand us and be good to us.. THEY are no different than YOU! in many ways, they ARE you!!!!

So what I propose is we all try to pass along a smile! Some sort of good advice, say hi to the person passing you on the sidewalk, smile at a driver as they are driving past you.. ( don't cross your eyes ) Open the door for someone, bring your mom some flowers.. Give a random person that you know and love, maybe a good friend at work.. a hug! Just a random hug! Spread your LOVE as you are a very important person in someone's experience!

Ok that's my blog for today! I'm going to play some rock band!!  hee hee! OH BTW  ha ha I'm now working full time as an Artist!! Well full time meaning no employment HAHHAHAHA! But I'm learning a lot so far :) Practice Practice Practice!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3