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So another Bday gone! Jan 11th! Not so bad! I still feel like I'm 19! However I'm now 30!! It's funny because I'm at the age where other younger people are like OMG 30!!!! But I feel like telling them, but.. but... I am really only 22 or something.. mentally that is! At what age do you know you've grown up? It's not like I have kids, or a career for that matter.. so maybe that's what I'm lacking! Lacking for the LACK of a better word... some people wouldn't say I was lacking anything! Most people my age say I still have freedom! NEWS FLASH !!! What freedom? Will live in a world with endless rules! There is only spiritual freedom that can only be achieved when meditating or.. perhaps you're Buddha? Anyway! I want kids I just haven't been able to have any yet... Might be a sign that I shouldn't have them right now.. I need to stop wanting so many things! Needing constant changes in my life doesn't help my current at home situation ! HAHA! What a rant that was!

 Turning 30 if I had to think about it for a minute... is rather scary! We're not supposed to be afraid of death! Actually with the thought of sticking around on this earth with all these crazy things happening to birds and fish.. Eeeeks! It helps make death not so scary! LOL So Happy Birthday to me, it was a Tuesday birthday, I seem to find them sad and lonely feeling.. I still haven't gotten rid of the sad/lonely feeling..  hee hee.. it's kinda comforting to be honest.. It's nice to just be sad for a while! : ) My two best friends Jary and Wanda are taking me out tomorrow to celebrate, it's going to be wonderful! : ) I'll leave you with a sad January song! It fits my mood perfectly! : ) Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! God Bless you all and have a very Healthy Wealthy and Successful New Years!!!! xo xo xo  : )


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