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So I was reading my last post about getting married it's amazing how we can change our minds so quickly about things! I DID wear a dress, it was something I quickly picked out of a sears book LOL I wish I could say I was joking, but I'm not!! I just didn't see the need to go all fancy and spend time picking out a dress that I'm wearing for one day. I'm glad in the end that I did wear a dress, it did make me feel like a bride, and I feel SO much better now, I absolutely LOVE married life! It's pretty astonishing how different I feel! We've been together 10 years and never once did I think I'd feel different, but I most certainly do!

Ok so the headline says, " Fall is my favorite time of year! "  of course it is! It's a time for re-birth and new beginnings! I feel most creative during this time of year, maybe some of you do as well! I'm really excited about a project I've been working on for a little while now. I'm writing a book that hopefully will some day help Cancer patients! The ideas behind the book can also be applied to anyone with a serious illness. I'm praying each day that I'm given the knowledge and love to write this. I hope that it will help people, if it was to only help one person, then I'd be extremely satisfied!

I'm grateful everyday for the chance to create with love and passion! And I feel grateful for my husband who supports me through all of this, it does make a difference to have a like minded soul mate saying the right things and taking the time out of their precious lives to give you a boost, I hope everyone has the same if they so desire it! <3

That's my rant for today, I'm grateful for any and all of you who take the time to enjoy or read this!

Love and much Peace!
Denise JOYCE!  ( my new last name is quite similar to my old! (Boyce-Joyce!) hee hee!


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