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So it's been a while since I last posted anything! The ideas for art keep coming. I recently had a friend pass away, he was an artist who really connected with me. He really made me think about originality and my own style! he had a style that was unforgettable! It's a shame we lost him at such a young age. But for some reason, he seemed too good for the mortal earth life. He was positive energy in a pure form! I had amazing conversations with him, and only knew him for maybe a little more than half a year. I will think of him often and the lessons he taught me. Gary Alvin Clemons Jr.! What a great guy! I'm blessed that I knew him for the time that I did!

So August 14th my hubby and I are finally going to tie the knot! Yuppers.. Denny, me, Den-a-Doo, ms. I won't get married.. is getting married! He's too special not to marry... I know we're meant for one another, how can we not be! Of course we have our downs... who doesn't? And how would we know what our ups were if we didn't have our downs?

when you think of the little things that people or couples argue about they really make no sense.. Why do we feel that someone has to be right? Why can't you walk away and not have to be right! Why can't we just realize that we all see things in a different way? And why can't we just learn to zig and zag when we aren't matching up on a certain day?

We don't always have to know what we're doing is right, do we ever really know that it's right? We're driven to do what we do for a reason. We need to learn how to make a decision and stick with it. Just let it happen and don't worry!

Sounds like I'm trying to convince myself that getting married is the right thing to do :) Truth is, i've never been good at making decisions, I sometimes let people make them for me. But then why would I let another being push me down a path?  Why can't I be an individual and make my own path :) At least when I'm looking back at it, no matter if it's bad or good I can say " It's Mine!"

So here is to embracing the decision to get married! Here is to enjoying a ceremony ritual that has been around forever! But I will tell you one thing, I won't be wearing a dress! (not that I have anything against dresses!) I love the beauty of a Bride! and the beauty of the wedding dress! it's just not for me.. I want to get married because there is no other being out there that i'd rather spend my life with :)

anyway! I thought I'd just pop in and say a few words! LONG LIVE LOVE! hee hee heee

Love always,
Den a doodle! hee hee


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