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9/12/2010 12/09/2010
December! It's a beautiful month. I'm having Font issues here! lol awe that's better! I've read a book by Julia Cameron that just surpassed any of my expectations! It's guided me through a weird little spot in my life! Wow What a book, if you're into Art at all, this is the book for you! And not just painting/drawing.. It's for writers! Musicians! Actors! And for anyone who would like to have a few of their own unexplainable emotions brought to light! For me I think so much about the paintings I want to do, but I have this overbearing fear of not being able to do it as I have done it in my head! I don't allow myself to just do it and accept the outcome for what it is! Anthony Robbins says that we shouldn't give up! There are no failures, just outcomes! It may not be what we intended it to be, but it is what it is... Julia Cameron says that we need to do it if it's not what we wanted, it was an attempt! It's better to have done it than to have let our own fear stop us from doing anything at all!

I Literally Can spend weeks doing nothing but thinking about art! Thinking about how I should be doing something, but there may be a project that someone ordered from me that is making me fear everything. It's true I have one right now that I fear doing. It's definitely a project that will put me on a new level in my art. And I need to gather the courage up to just do it! No matter the outcome! And because of this one piece of art that I'm afraid of, I'm letting four other pieces sit on the sidelines. The only thing I even want to do right now is something of my own emotion.. but even then it would probably be a bi-product of background fear! Knowing it's Christmas time and I have 6 paintings to do in a few days doesn't allow me to have free flowing ideas. So the only thing I know how to do right now, is get the courage up to start one! Once that is started, the rest should flow nicely I'm hoping! :) So if any thing you read here is anything in the way you feel, you NEED to buy Julia Camerons book called "The Artists Way" I will link her website for you all :) Soooo Peace and LOVE and Gratitude!!! Do something nice for someone today!!! See how it makes you feel!  : )


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