Krinisty Art
So the fall is here in beautiful Nova Scotia! I absolutely love the fall! The leaves are gorgeous, the pictures to be taken are breathtaking! I've joined a new site online called ToonPool 

It's such a great site! Immediately received a warm welcome from other artists! And I feel I've known them for such a long time! They're very amazing people! here are the links to two Artists in particular. They're wonderful people!

You'll see that Alex works with his hands quite a bit, he's a piano player, he Sculpts and does other amazing forms of art as well :)! Ricco is a traveller, his pictures are incredible! It would be so nice to have been as many places as he!
So I'm going to leave you all with that, I have a brand new video card here so I plan on playing around with that this weekend!

Much love!
Denise ; )  :) xo xo



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