Krinisty Art
So I just wanted to pay tribute to November! It's been beautiful, and has brought me much closer with my parents! We've always been close, but work has really taken over our lives!

I've painted quite a bit this month and have learned so many lessons! What a productive month! The weather has been outstanding. I'm grateful for everything that has happened.

Hopefully I'll be getting some more art up on the site, some more of the many drawings I haven't posted, and some more scenes/ random paintings :)

I wish everyone a great day or night, and much love! Be kind to the people you meet, smile and be helpful! Do something nice for someone and maybe they'll pass along the love! It's very important this day in age that we all show one another some human compassion and caring! We all want it! We all deserve it!

Love always!
Denise :)


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