Krinisty Art
1st post :) 10/10/2009
So this is my new Art Blog! I'm really excited to get started on my Dream! Hopefully I'll attract the right people to me and this Art thing will pick up for me :) My ultimate goal is definitely going to be  an adventure!

I'm grateful for my friends and family who support me so much! I'm grateful for this beautiful life we all have the chance to live and experience Love! We're so very lucky!

It's late and I've been working on this site, and work comes early tomorrow, but so far I'm off to a great start. I have a small glass of white wine beside me, I can smell the flavor from where I'm sitting. Unfortunately I won't be finishing it tonight.

So I'm off to sleep and hopefully dream of the next painting! Sleep tight, sweet dreams,and also!! Happy Thanks Giving!! Yes I'm working on Thanks Giving.. This is also a reason why I need to make Art my Career! Imagine if all you had to do is create in your highest sense everyday??? Lucky!

PS I'm grateful for those of you who viewed my site and who are taking the time to read anything I write! Thank you!

Much Love,
Denise :)


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