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Today I've been feeling a little emotional. Actually that would be an understatement. The inside of my head looks like an emotional Roller Coaster. I haven't been able to create lately, well the last three or 4 days when I need to create the most! I have a sense of emptiness, like the being within me has disappeared.

  And I haven’t done anything to figure it out. I haven’t sat down to watch a seminar, or read a book. I’ve simply done nothing. I’m even feeling pressure from just being in the house so much. I get the feeling of “I should be doing this… I should be doing that”. Why can’t I leave myself alone?

  Yesterday I went for a run/walk. Before I finish what I’m about to say you should know that I USED to be in great shape! I ran twice a day 200 sit-ups a day and at least 300 reps on weights. I was also in the Military as a Medic. Since then I drove 18 wheeler long haul, got myself totally OUT of shape, became lazy and gained a bit of weight. So yesterday being my first day back exercising was tough to say the least! I ran down to the lake behind my house and up the road a bit (I’m usually no fool when it comes to fitness) but yesterday I was. It was funny actually, on the way back home, I got sick, once home I was sick (yep vomiting!) for about 30 minutes.

  Today I drove to Sydney Mines to walk with an old friend who knew me when I was in better shape. He and I enjoyed 4 miles of walking NOT running bliss! Leaving the track with a smile I came home and ran a very hot bath to sooth my muscles hoping the membrane between my tibia and fibula is slowing repairing itself! At least it’s not the worst case of shin splints I’ve ever had. I mean only 4 miles! Come on Body!!! I CAN DO IT!

  So I've done no art lately. And tomorrow there is a concert in Halifax I’m supposed to be going to. Again a little pressure I’m feeling since I really don’t want to go. I’ve tried to give away my ticket and no luck so far. Someone pray that in the next 12 hours someone wants to see GWAR and Lamb of God! Lol It’s not that I don’t want to see these guys; it’s just that I really don’t feel like going. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

  So that’s my post as I am lying so comfy on my couch of coziness! Everyone who’s been here has fallen trap to this comfy couch lol. I have the shade to my big picture window somewhat up so I can see the dark sky and magnificent moon. This time of year is my favorite for sure! The crisp clean air! I love the beautiful colors, smells of the leaves and the amazing changing of seasons. Our earth is wonderful!

  You know what, I feel better already! Thank you! <3 Much Love as Always!


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