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So this today I think I want to start by saying.. Isn't it amazing how each one of us can influence another person so much! I mean some not so  much, but for myself I think everyone is coming into my existence for a reason, I'm obviously attracting these people into my experience everyday, and maybe I'm not sure why right now ( the subconscious may have it's own plans) but soon enough it'll come to me. You may have heard the saying that goes something like this.. " be-careful who you step on to go up the ladder?" I think it went something like that.. But the point is, they are in your present experience for something! You've devised a plan to know this person to maybe learn from them, or take something from them no matter how big or small the deal.

And we're influenced by other people greatly, Imagine the kids in elementary and how much they are effected when another kid bully's them, or how about the unsure person, the shy person, one word from another person could effect them in many ways.

What I think is that we should try to be as pleasant to these people as possible, to everybody! Try to leave them with a pleasant feeling. It's a gift we all want to receive!! We all know that when we speak to people we want them to be nice to us, we want them to understand us and be good to us.. THEY are no different than YOU! in many ways, they ARE you!!!!

So what I propose is we all try to pass along a smile! Some sort of good advice, say hi to the person passing you on the sidewalk, smile at a driver as they are driving past you.. ( don't cross your eyes ) Open the door for someone, bring your mom some flowers.. Give a random person that you know and love, maybe a good friend at work.. a hug! Just a random hug! Spread your LOVE as you are a very important person in someone's experience!

Ok that's my blog for today! I'm going to play some rock band!!  hee hee! OH BTW  ha ha I'm now working full time as an Artist!! Well full time meaning no employment HAHHAHAHA! But I'm learning a lot so far :) Practice Practice Practice!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


11/03/2010 17:31

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11/03/2010 17:40

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