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2nd Post 10/11/2009
Ok so this is my second Blog post! I'm happy to say that I'm home today. I called off. It's not exactly what I had in mind and I'm not going to try to create an excuse for it! I've been having difficulty with finding any sort of happiness lately in my day to day job! Hmm I bet some of you can relate!

There comes a point when your body knows when something just isn't right for you. I'm finding out slowly with feelings in which I'm experiencing. The horrible thing is, it's not the first time I called off this week, or the last two weeks! So I'm experiencing a lot of guilt as well.

Why should we feel guilty about not doing something. I've been watching a lot of seminars lately to help me through this weird time. And one of them was by Neale Donald Walsch, he's a true master, maybe you guys would like to see it? Anyway I'm going to post it. Open your mind and enjoy it :) You'll notice it's on Fear but this truly means a lot!

And so how is this effecting my Art and Creativity?? It is seriously, because I'm at a weird cross roads in my career, where I want to let go and make ART my full day! I want to let go of the busy work place and be one with my Art as a career. This is the reason for this website! Is it possible for me to BE what I enjoy and Love? Will this work out for me? Taking risks are the only way to do this..

Imagine being where you WANT to be, doing what YOU want to do! Not worrying about your 15 minute breaks at work, when your lunch will be, being monitored on all levels! Having to perform for someone else who doesn't even care WHO you are! and Only what you can do for them!

With a Career that you LOVE to do, you're expressing your higher self through this and remaining happy! And when other people enjoy your work and take pleasure in your work, you know you're doing something for them. Connecting with other beings on a deeper level through Art :) I'm excited!!!

Thanks for reading!
Much Love!!
Denise :) <3


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